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Interior Car Care Tips For Safer Driving

We spend a lot of time in our cars. From the daily school run and the drive to work and back, to after school activities, weekend driving and road trips, the hours can quickly clock up.


Interior Car Care Tips for Safer Driving



We spend a lot of time in our cars. From the daily school run and the drive to work and back, to after school activities, weekend driving and road trips, the hours can quickly clock up. With all this time spent in a confined space, clutter inevitably builds up, which not only makes your pride and joy messy, but can also cause safety hazards.

Keep the driver’s footwell clear

This goes without saying but it’s surprising how many motorists admit to kicking off their shoes while driving or allowing clutter to build up underneath their seat. While we don’t recommend driving barefoot, if you must remove your footwear, place them in the passenger footwell or the back of the car.

If you don’t have a barrier under the driver’s seat, loose items can easily roll out from below the seat and under your pedals, causing an obstruction and possibly preventing you from braking. If you have children in the back, make sure they aren’t able to drop anything under the driver’s seat. An easy solution is an over-seat organiser. There are plenty of options available, but we particularly like this stylish M'Baby Organiser available on Fishpond.

You can also buy caddies that sit on the back seat and can be secured to the seatbelt, providing additional storage space that’s easier for smaller children to access.

Dashboard distractions

Keep the dashboard clear of unsecured items to avoid them rolling off and distracting the driver or getting stuck under the pedals. Use anti slip dashboard mats or custom-designed solutions to fix items to your dashboard or air grills, rather than let them roll around while your car is in motion. Sunglass holders that clip onto your sun visor and dashboard-mounted mobile holders are particularly useful.

Ditch the rubbish

Keep a rubbish bag handy to quickly dispose of wrappers and other rubbish while you’re on the road. You can get purpose-built litter bags and car interior bins if you’re not a fan of recycling your empty shopping bags in your car.

Storing a handheld vacuum in the garage or close to your parking space also makes it easy for you to quickly dispose of crumbs, pet hair or dirt whenever you arrive home, so your car is always clean.

Declutter the boot

Keep car tools and other essential equipment organised with a sectioned boot organiser, or use an over-seat net if your boot is particularly small. Supercheap Auto has a wide range of organisers for the interior of your car.

It’s also wise to store a tarp in the boot in case you make an unexpected visit to the garden centre or your kids come back from the rugby pitch covered in mud - simply whip it out and cover the back seat or boot floor to keep it clean.
Keep sports equipment sorted into boxes - these can easily be removed and stacked in your garage until needed again. Storage Box has a wide range of storage boxes, such as these stackable cubes.

Car Interior Cube Storage

Image source: storagebox.co.nz

Pet passengers

If your dog travels with you regularly, consider using a seat cover to protect your upholstery from stray pet hairs and dirt. If you have a small dog, you can buy pet carriers that attach to the seatbelt, allowing you to safely transport your furry friend in comfort.

Dogs like to look out of the window but their mucky paws and claws can really mess up your doors. This handy pet door organiser from Innovations protects your car doors, and also holds pet toys, snacks and other essentials to keep your car interior clutter free.

Car Interior Door Protector

Image source: innovations.co.nz

Your furry friend can also be a big distraction, especially if left unrestrained, so we recommend using a chest harness and barrier to stop your dog taking off if you have to break suddenly. The pet.co.nz website has lots of accessories to keep your dog safe and comfortable while in the car.


If you only take away one piece of advice from our interior car care tips, removing your rubbish and items you don’t need to keep in the car every time you return from a trip is an easy way to always keep your car interior clean and tidy. This also improves fuel efficiency as you’re not carrying extra weight around that isn’t needed for your journey.