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Electric Vehicle - FAQS

Electric Vehicle - Frequently Asked Questions


Electric Vehicle - Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How long do I need to charge it for to get a full charge?

A: Most of us will charge our EV/etron vehicle just like our cell phone, overnight on trickle charge and at the lowest rate provided by the supplier, however charging post outside of your home will have a varying KW charge and some that will carry 150 KW charge will allow forthcoming Audis to charge from flat to full in only 50 mins.


Q: If it’s at full charge, how far can I travel?

A: Most EVs/ PHEVs in the current market have a driving range between 50-200km, forthcoming Audi’s within in the next few months will have a range of up to 500km.


Q: Do I have to not use some functions to make it last longer?

A: Present technology does actually restrict the use of some of your cars accessories when in EV mode , this drawback has been overcome with clever and innovative solutions soon to be launched in NZ.


Q: Is it really better for the environment, what about the manufacturing and the batteries used?

A: Audi has recently built and opened the world’s 1st carbon neutral vehicle factory in Hungary to assemble the powerplants for their electric models. NZ is in a prime position to use such powerplants as we create the vast majority of our power from hydro resources so EVs can make a significant positive impact on NZ’s ecology. People are rightly concerned about end of life EV batteries and their effect on the planet, NZ already has existing companies with systems in place for dismantling damaged units and renewing single celled units so they can be repurposed and reused in other applications.


Q: Are there many charging stations outside of the main cities?
How do I find them?

A: Helpful sites such as ChargeNet.NZ which lists both trickle and fast charge ports all over NZ also has a phone app to guide you.


Q: I know I’ll be paying less for fuel consumption, but what about my power bill wont that be just as costly?

A: Most power providers are working closely with the vehicle manufacturers to ensure the power cost and supply for owners of these vehicles is as sustainable as possible. When you look into a particular electric vehicle we’ll use both your power provider and usage info to help calculate the expected cost.