Land Rover Finance

At Archibalds we can offer finance assistance on any of the vehicles we sell - new, demonstrator, or used cars, for terms that suit your cashflow, and for businesses or private customers.

We use two main finance companies -Marac Financial Services and Exclusive Automotive Finance, but also use a number of alternatives to find a company that best suits our client's requirements.

Our finance department offers three finance products

Terms are available from 6 to 45 months

To protect your asset the Finance Department offers competitive warranties on used vehicles with competitive charges, low excesses, and can allow you to continue your manufacturer recommended service intervals

And to enhance your car, the Finance Department offers Europlates branded with your car's marque, paint and fabric protection to keep the car in top condition, and radar detectors to help you maintain a safe speed on the road.

Please contact our Business Manager Simon Unger